Reseller Support


Sektor Support Centre

Shortened repair times, helpful advice and bespoke staging services that will help you get your customers solutions up and running faster. This is the stated goal of the Sektor Support Centre. With expert industry specific technicians and investment in technology and processes that will enable the highest levels of technical support available, Sektor's commitment to customers continues long after a solution has been installed.

Sektor Online

Significant investment has been made to provide Sektor customers with an online portal for sales, administration, service and support. Comprehensive online shopping that allows resellers to view their specific pricing, stock levels, inbound orders and complimentary products. Added functionality allows for direct shipping to client sites with the ability to ship delivery notes without pricing but with your logo only on the paper work. Back order reports can be accessed and even automated to be sent to you at a frequency nominated by you.

A world class service module has been implemented that provides resellers the ability to track every aspect of a product repair. You can view the time/date a unit is received, which technician the device has been assigned to, the device is then diagnosed as a warranty or non-warranty job. If non-warranty, an online quote is created with itemised parts and labour break down, you are then able to action the repair by a simple click of a button. When the job is complete an email will be sent to you complete with courier ticket number to allow you to further track the goods to final destination via Sektor's integrated freight management service.

Comprehensive Innovative Staging Services

Sektor can provide the added hands and expertise that will streamline the roll-out of POS and Mobility solutions across Malaysia.

Services include:

  • Bespoke staging services; gold disking, imaging, application loading
  • Hardware pre-configuration
  • Specialist engineering
  • Communication protocol setting and testing
  • Operating systems and retail solution soak testing
  • System burn in
  • Customised project management and logistics services
  • Swap pool management
  • Customer owned “bonded stock” roll outs
  • Documentation of installation including asset register

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